Amanda Judge - Untamed Petals

Whimsical Woodland Inspiration Shoot

Danielle Poff Photography

We had the great pleasure of working with Danielle Poff recently, and she shot some of our fabulous accessories, as well as some recent developments which we are thrilled about. These images are so romantic and we are dying over the colors and pure charm of this woodland location. The pops of florals, slivers of edginess, and absolute fairy-tale-like backdrop make this photoshoot perfect for showcasing one of our newest projects: robes! Why not add some more little pieces of delicacy and grace to our collection of bridal beauties? After seeing this images we definitely wanted to slip into something cozy. These lacy little numbers are definitely perfect for lounging and getting ready for your big day. We can’t wait to get our hands on more. Hope you enjoy these lovely images. Danielle Poff Photography  http://www.daniellepoff.comWe love how our gold Sydney was styled!Danielle Poff Photography  http://www.daniellepoff.comDanielle Poff Photography  http://www.daniellepoff.comDanielle Poff Photography  http://www.daniellepoff.comDanielle Poff Photography  http://www.daniellepoff.comDanielle Poff Photography  http://www.daniellepoff.comThe Trinity headband is a total knockout!Danielle Poff Photography

Thanks so much to everyone who helped out with the shoot. Stay tuned for some gorgeous robes!

All images by Danielle Poff.

Makeup by House of Cabelo.



Romeo & Juliet Inspiration


There is truly nothing not to love about this breathtaking inspiration styled by Pursue Love Design Co. and captured by Jen Sosa. They are two insanely talented ladies, and we are in a complete a daze over how stunning this inspiration turned out. The vibe is clearly an organic twist on ultra romanticism–with the touches of red wine and distressed teals adding just the right elemental colors. Everything else is drenched in soft neutrals and loose florals. What could possibly be more romantic than Romeo & Juliet–the most romantic story ever written? This inspiration. Their headpieces of choice were our Gilded Royal Tiara, and the Arlington in gold placed in the back. These effortlessly accented the entire aroma of this style and we are ecstatic about it.modern-day-juliet-wedding-inspiration-27-600x900c-modern-day-juliet-wedding-inspiration-48modern-day-juliet-wedding-inspiration-70-600x900Ruffled - photo by Jennifer Sosa Photography - photo by Jennifer Sosa Photography - photo by Jennifer Sosa Photography

Now that you are convinced of how romantic a Romeo & Juliet inspired style can get, we hope you grab your Shakespeare and get your love story started.

All photos were found from Ruffled Blog and shot by Jennifer Sosa Photography.



Wedding Trend: Kilim Details


That lovely little geometric pattern that we keep seeing everywhere is Kilim. You can see it on pillows, rugs, furniture, and even on invitations. It’s a pattern best suited for thick woven textures because that is where the design came from. It instantly adds a modern bohemia to any wedding style and can be perfect for the lounge areas of your wedding. We ourselves may or may not be guilty of purchasing several Kilim rugs. In fact, you may have even seen the pink Kilim rug below in our bridal market boothe. Kilim is in, so enjoy this fabulous pattern.urbanboho-styled-2435801984_095_elakesideboho-styled-14lakesideboho-styled-15lakesideboho-styled-1034659144_066_blovelytexas-wedding-2936966950_061_blovelytexas-wedding-31

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Hope you enjoyed all these stunning Kilim details. We honestly can’t get enough. Happy Tuesday!



Cold Pressed Juices


For the New Year one always resolves to eat healthy. And what a better way to eat healthy than with some lovely cold pressed juices? We have gathered together some of our fav cold pressed juice makers which are all found in our local area. Be inspired and enthused by these glorious libations.

The Pressed Juicery

This is something of the classic pressed juice. They have easy to follow types of juice from the greens to the fruits to the milks. Each one carries it’s own delicious flavors. Personally our favorite is the Coconut Cinnamon because it tastes like a healthy horchata. pressed-juicery


Clover Juice makes us happy because we can get it right next to our studio in Culver City. All the flavors are so good and refreshing.rose-400x600

Moon Juice

Moon Juice’s name is enough to get us excited. But the thing about these juices is there is a huge variety and so many flavors packed into each bottle of juice. There juice milks are pretty awesome too drawing from almond and coconut milks. It’s making our mouth water.

beauty_nectar5_83638All of these are from good old Los Angeles, which we are proud to be a part of. So get out there and kick some resolution butt with these delicious and healthy juices!





Real Bride Megan in Our Arlington Headpiece


Real bride Megan is a total knock-out in this modernly chic outdoor wedding. We are honestly in awe over the color scheme and intricate details. Part of those details is our silver Arlington headpiece, which was placed in the back of Megan’s hair in a half-up style. It was subtle, classy, and super pretty. These ethereal photos were captured by none other than the Christine Meintjes and we are so in love with them. The light is so gorgeous and she perfectly captures the totally-in-love couple. Another little detail we can’t get enough of, is that the reception area is almost entirely white. Talk about classy! We love the simplicity and romanticism of the color and how perfect it is for a wedding day. Enjoy this absolutely breathtaking wedding!JPMegan_small-116-st-1144x800backJPMegan_small-167-st-1144x800JPMegan_small-256-st-1144x800JPMegan_small-331-st-1144x800winterwhiteJPMegan_small-465-stJPMegan_small-581-st-1144x800JPMegan_small-372-st

Congratulations to the beautiful couple!

All photos by Christine Meintjes from The Pretty Blog.



New Year’s Glitter


Oh the New Year! A time for changes, resolutions, New Year’s kisses, and glitter! Glitter is basically our middle name over here, which is why we have selected some amazing styles chalk full of the shimmery stuff. From sequins, to foils, to headbands and clips, we have so many sparkly things to choose from. One of our New Year’s resolutions is to resolve to wear more sparkle! How about you give it a try with some of these NYE stunners!image1xxlOur Eve headband can pretty much go with any NYE outfit!EveLOW27S02JBRZ_3_largeHere we have the Mary earrings, Daphne bobby pin, Iris pins, and Kinsley clip. Each of them comes in gold or silver. accessories60736.0.zoom62870.3.zoom63614.0.zoom

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May you all have a wonderfully fabulous New Year filled with fun, fortune, and of course, glitter!



Wedding Trend: Long Sleeve Gowns


This wedding trend will definitely have you swooning. It’s the long sleeve wedding dress and while at first thought it sounds complicated, a long sleeve wedding dress is ultra breathtaking. It is something for the unconventional bride, one who dares to wander into the boho or even the traditional. The possibilities are limitless. One thing however is for sure, the flowing fabric of the long dress matched with the the delicacy of the sleeves, offers a serious dip into the waters of romanticism. We don’t even need to explain ourselves further because these little numbers will do all the communicating for us. Try these gowns on for size.   0008-Nomadic-Love-Campaign_DanelleBohaneamalficoast-bridal-10562e68da85f8e$!x9000027-Nomadic-Love-Campaign_DanelleBohane 55d89271266bf$!x900bohochic-wedding-02Jordy and Sharni Wedding{1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8}

Cover up in these cozy gowns! Happy winter!



Holiday Party Inspiration


Happy holidays! This is the time for celebration, family, friends, giving, and having some of the best parties of the year. Throwing one of your own? Don’t stress. The party planning is half the fun. We have found loads of inspiration that we are dying to try. They all have one thing in common, an eclectic sense of the winter details. Each one carries an organic texture of the winter plants from evergreen trees to pomegranates. We love adding those leafy elements into any style, and it is sure to make your party feel warm and inviting. This time of year is to be spent with friends and family so why not make it special? cocktailwhiteloftstudio_xmas_0001$!x900You can even learn how to make this simple but elegant wreath herewhiteloftstudio_xmas_0063$!x900whiteloftstudio_xmas_0088$!x900545a5683254d4$!x90052a6885380f0a$!x900

All photos from Style Me Pretty {1 2 3 4 5 6 7}

Happy Holidays loves! May they be merry and bright!



Sweetest Smelling Candles


Candles are one of our most favorite items. They add a romanticism to any moment. Their light is next to none in creating the right type of atmosphere. They are pretty, smell divine, and perfect for the fall and winter. Which is why we absolutely have an opinion on the subject of which candles are best. These Printed Tin Candles above may be tiny but they smell phenomenal. A little can go along way and that’s really all you need. Plus there are a lot of scents to choose from. Choice is important. Here are the rest of our picks that you can choose from:

You will smell this Free People candle right when you enter their store, and you won’t be able to walk out without it.34666487_066_0

The silver Capri candle from Anthropologie is a staple. 093512_007_bThis Night Storm candle is super pretty!25956756_066_b

Voluspa candles are truly amazing. You can never go wrong with these guys. They all smell wonderful!_9005535Let’s hear it for these soy candles from HI Wildflower Botanica.

37143666_001_bCozy up with these candles and you won’t regret it. Happy cold weather!