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Cold Pressed Juices


For the New Year one always resolves to eat healthy. And what a better way to eat healthy than with some lovely cold pressed juices? We have gathered together some of our fav cold pressed juice makers which are all found in our local area. Be inspired and enthused by these glorious libations.

The Pressed Juicery

This is something of the classic pressed juice. They have easy to follow types of juice from the greens to the fruits to the milks. Each one carries it’s own delicious flavors. Personally our favorite is the Coconut Cinnamon because it tastes like a healthy horchata. pressed-juicery


Clover Juice makes us happy because we can get it right next to our studio in Culver City. All the flavors are so good and refreshing.rose-400x600

Moon Juice

Moon Juice’s name is enough to get us excited. But the thing about these juices is there is a huge variety and so many flavors packed into each bottle of juice. There juice milks are pretty awesome too drawing from almond and coconut milks. It’s making our mouth water.

beauty_nectar5_83638All of these are from good old Los Angeles, which we are proud to be a part of. So get out there and kick some resolution butt with these delicious and healthy juices!





Sweetest Smelling Candles


Candles are one of our most favorite items. They add a romanticism to any moment. Their light is next to none in creating the right type of atmosphere. They are pretty, smell divine, and perfect for the fall and winter. Which is why we absolutely have an opinion on the subject of which candles are best. These Printed Tin Candles above may be tiny but they smell phenomenal. A little can go along way and that’s really all you need. Plus there are a lot of scents to choose from. Choice is important. Here are the rest of our picks that you can choose from:

You will smell this Free People candle right when you enter their store, and you won’t be able to walk out without it.34666487_066_0

The silver Capri candle from Anthropologie is a staple. 093512_007_bThis Night Storm candle is super pretty!25956756_066_b

Voluspa candles are truly amazing. You can never go wrong with these guys. They all smell wonderful!_9005535Let’s hear it for these soy candles from HI Wildflower Botanica.

37143666_001_bCozy up with these candles and you won’t regret it. Happy cold weather!



Happy Thanksgiving


This year has truly been an incredible one, and we have so much goodness to be grateful for.

We are thankful for love which we get to celebrate every day we do our job and where we can see what true love and commitment lead to, which is not only rewarding in it’s own right, but has given us friendships and associates in which we will have forever.

We are thankful for family which doesn’t just include our relatives, but those which we consider our dear friends. We are especially thankful to our new family and how we get to wonder how we ever lived before them.

We are so thankful for this amazing year, and for many wonderful years to come!

We hope you have a fantastic Thanksgiving!




NY Bridal Market 2015


Last week we attended NY Bridal Market and got to showcase our new collection. It was such a fun event and we were thrilled to see our friends and make new ones. Thanks so much to everyone who came and said hi, we love coming back to visit New York. We even had a very special visitor and honorary Untamed Petal, baby Jackson! Jax is the newest addition to Amanda’s adorable family. IMG_0073Our vibe for market was very modern nomad with a subtle pink Kilim rug, Moroccan textures, and industrial metallics. It oozed with femininity and modernism and offered the perfect space for us to meet with friends. IMG_0041IMG_0019IMG_0088These are some of our newest pieces!detailIt was so great seeing familiar faces and meeting new ones! Thanks again to everyone who came out! And if you weren’t able to make it you can peep the pieces on our website. Happy Monday loves!

Furniture by: Patina Rentals / Printed displays by: Distinctive Displays



Our Fav Fall Flavors


The autumnal equinox has begun, and now the stars shine through the night longer than the sun beams in the sky. Fall means sweater weather, cozy strolls through the wind-chilled park, and the smell of spices permeating through the air. The changing weather means a change in food, which for us, is a wonderful thing. We have picked some of our favorite flavors to share with you during the season.


The vegetable you used to cringe at when you were a kid is now one of our tastiest favs. Soups are perfect for fall, which is why we are recommending this phenomenal Butternut Squash, Apple, and Fennel Soup recipe. Squash can be put in ravioli, pasta, and even on pizza. Grill it, mash it, or bake it and it will be delicious. 7d77047b177f93e189a107a575c0c4b6


You can’t have fall without apples–they are practically synonymous. From apple tarts and pies to apple juice and ciders, we love apple season. Here is an Apple Cider recipe that you will become obsessed with. Apple_Cider_Plain


Last, but definitely not least, is the beloved pumpkin. This flavor is so famous during the fall you can find it almost everywhere. We are keeping it classic and offering a Pumpkin Cookie recipe with cream cheese frosting.  765cd70daab03c5fa690d503a6d87b3eNow that we are hungry and that you are probably shopping for ingredients, we would like to wish you a wonderful autumn weekend with these scrumptious flavors.



Deserts We Have to Go To


Bohemia, wanderers, nomads and free spirits were all born of the desert. The desert terrain marks the territory of exoticism and mysticism which is why we are revealing some of the most incredibly captivating deserts in the world. Besides, these sultry places are perfect to travel to during the fall when the temperatures are cooler. So if you are wondering where to take that next trip of yours, explore one of these daring deserts and opulent oases.

Amangiri, UT, USAamangiri-1007878-07-main-outdoor-poolamangiri suite

Luxor, Egypt12.thebes-C87Y6M-1680x1050Luxor-Egypt-Age

MoroccoAit Ben Haddou Kasbah02bfba55308b182309606be86bb1f769b4

Zion, UT, USA8f8d8089d859c3251836c20fab192172zion-national-park-utah-31425-1280x800-1024x640

Joshua Tree, CA, USA30onken_1111_150318_Alden_JoshuaTree_Film_034-791x1024515766IMG_5273tpz

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Never Have I Ever: My Life (So Far) Without a Date by Katie Heaney


Here we go again with the Untamed Petals Book Club pick! We know we can all get caught up in our busy lives, but taking time to read and relax is something we at Untamed Petals definitely believe in–which is why we are showcasing a perfect end of summer book this time. The title is based off the game where you say things that you have never, ever done before, and this girl has NEVER been on an official date, and we had to find out why!

It’s cute, clever, and makes you feel like you are at a slumber party dishing on your most cringe-worthy boy stories. Katie makes you feel like her best friend while she candidly and honestly walks you through her “hilarious” love life. It’s nice to vent about the woes of modern dating, and she reflects on some of the struggles and complications that can arise from hanging out vs going out. So while you are laying out getting that summer tan, pick up her book Never Have I Ever: My Life (So Far) Without A Date here.

Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 10.54.15 PM

Plus, if you want more of Katie’s writing, she is a staff writer for BuzzFeed, so check out her work there. Happy reading!

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Camping Inspiration


For us, summer means being outside. The desert, the beach, the mountains, we don’t care where as long as we get to be outdoors. What better way is there to celebrate the lovely summer weather than to go on a camping trip? Here at Untamed Petals, we are not afraid to show our adventurous side, which is why we decided to post about some camping inspiration. Camping is such a great way to connect with the outdoors, and to get some wonderful fresh air. Here are some of the things that inspire us to take an awesome camping trip. Bon voyage and into the wild we go!5453a14ee4b06b55d85dcbbaBeach camping? Yes, please!53640e84e4b0cac63ce2a04c5453a155e4b03ec3a649b2a15453a184e4b06b55d85dcc00Don’t forget to wear some boots like this:Hiking-BootsAnd def eat something like this:ccffb574b0684544087ca1b07fdb481bimageCanoe tent anyone?Screen Shot 2015-07-16 at 2.53.29 PMHappy trails!

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Our Own Real Bride: Lex


When our very own Lex told us she was engaged we couldn’t be more thrilled! But that wasn’t the end of her exciting news–she and her fiancé would be eloping to Paris! We literally can’t think of anything more romantic…and then we saw the pictures. Lex is simply stunning while wandering the streets of Paris. It is overflowing with soft, romantic, Parisian loveliness and we could peruse these photos for hours. Hope you enjoy these breathtaking photos of our dearest Lex’s big day.c33a2e199f13b903e4212b373fc65c93f2038577120c1e2332cdbe3939eb89f6d2b578582ba3b118cb6b3d3d1fad79138e6aa09da9e1f41f669fb63e4626f0a3bf6ef1720dc2e147a8b23c353d83e819d6460e556ad07441317f233adc982b5dWe love how she incorporated a little piece of us with the silver Justine bracelet.a865fad2b74491f1629b307bc5485e15She is stunning in our Rebecca veil!7a400e31306999c7536c67b08a5adbcbbfd894a0e8d54b369597c2eb257fe8303cae995d36f0bee8a908f66570cf6d50b0e5541429226c0c4ba0db5a535a76f1We love you Lex and are so excited that you are a happily, married woman!

All photos by Yolanda Villagran Photography.