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Color Inspiration: Burnt Orange


Hello Orange! Orange is a power color full of energy, excitement, and a strong vibe not be ignored. Orange is also quite versatile which seems like an oxymoron seeing as it is such a loud color, but the right shade of orange is key to balancing out it’s vibrance. Which is why we have decided to focus this month’s color inspiration on burnt orange. Burnt orange is perfect for fall and has an air of edge and sophistication that cannot be overlooked. We are gushing over some of these brunt orange details. They add a richness and vitality to any style. Enjoy.romanticfall-styled-03romanticfall-styled-18smallsctl_knitdress_01andrea-tognon-architecture-02claytonaustin-workshop-21claytonaustin-workshop-044d7808a6c4cad5a9552fbdcb7acb016amoroccan-styled-23moroccan-styled-046876516ea214892b312c42a3cd78f8b7

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Color Inspiration: Indigo


Indigo changed the world, it’s story is one for history. It is the color that will forever be unbreakable and impervious. When natural fabrics are dipped in indigo you have an earthy element envied by bohemia, and when luxurious are fabrics smothered in indigo, you have a regal color envied by royalty. That calming, brooding, and perfect shade of blue will always be one of the most exquisite colors to style.CKCr6fBUAAMXrQcsuitsepson-final-moon01oceanindigoeyescoast-indigo-wedding-inspiration-932553976_041_aindigoinky-blue_kitchen_dining1cd8c2ca5f076238823534f9e196a41aferncapri-wedding-17{1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18}



Why We Love Pastel Hair


The stigma that those with unnatural hair color are ultra rebellious and scary has run away, and in come the cream puffs and sweet hearts with their pastel hair, proving you don’t have to be a punk to have colored hair. Can we hear a Hilary Duff or Julianna Hough anyone? People have even started calling it mermaid hair, and who doesn’t love mermaids!? Which is why we are devoting an entire post to pastel hair. When people ask if they could pull it off, we say do it! Why not? Hair is as fickle as a wardrobe change, and we like it that way. After all, you can always change it back. For further evidence as to why you should go pastel, simply view the photos below–we guarantee you will fall in love!

COTTON CANDY PINKf6c8c1e6c95ec5c64027aadbde4b5d040210902d7a39a770131fa315f5b56e41pinkhair



ICE BLUEfleur3iceblue



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We hope that you lovely mermaid heads will go forth and color the world with your magnificent locks!



Color Inspiration: Lavender


For this color we are traveling to Provence France, where the lavender fields are lush and fragrant. Lavender offers that subtle beauty, similar to the flower. The color is versatile, sweepingly romantic, and intimate. A lavender girl is poised, poetic, and wise. Like the flower, this purple shade brings peace, serenity and comfort–a truly ideal choice for brides and stylists. 16double55a7a96178048$!x900lavender552ffbba7fca4$!x90052d4934f12066$!x90054da70a0505fc$!x900fourtumblr_nchpl2sDeB1tu2m70o1_12808b74a4cc9c4357f8541568db2c0a7777nails2f46122d0ffad2537f4c1c3340e8c6bbSo now that you are convinced of the beauty of all things lavender, put a little lavender in your life. We know we will.

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Color Inspiration: Ombre


Our color inspiration is here again! This month we are featuring ombre. We have seen ombre for the past several years now, but it doesn’t seem to be leaving anytime soon. We don’t mind at all because we love its faded, dip-dyed style that can add a modern twist to any style. From the now famous ombre hair, to the ombre wedding theme there is enough ombre to go around. Check out our fashion, wedding, and style ideas all involving the beloved ombre!austinfarm-wedding-15029-poppies-spring-pastels-wedding-inspiration-davene-prinsloomilouolin-styled-01Carl collection 201385a8a0c8a1b2742458345b29da02d755431accdffc3e7e7596c6416ba9951e2dpastelb753fc38133bda8b9a46814847e79b86882eef6d4dea1c6d8041d9a92c6e2014indigoccf27da259a470159444aae1a2445aeceditedretrotropical-styled-04retrotropical-styled-22

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Color Inspiration: Floral Patterns


So floral isn’t exactly a color, but it does have it’s own distinct color schemes, which is why we wanted to take some time to celebrate the beloved floral pattern. Floral patterns have become so popular the past couple years, and we say: keep it coming! Everything from phone cases, sweatshirts, gowns, and even wedding themes have been taking on the floral pattern. So jump on that floral bandwagon!wallshabby_chic_gold_marie_antoinette_styled_shoot_colorado_film_wedding_photographer_01florals35596998_039_ba0bb23456aefb1d206ba663144b9d553blackfloral455a281fb16e0a4521520fd07c3307d5blogdapaulinha-floral-two-piece-suit-and-white-trimmed-sunglassesbluepatternssittinginatree-wedding-21abcc2c24df94c197b454176164d4b0a9{1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22}



Lemon Party Inspiration


Remember when you made a lemonade stand as a kid to make some quick summer cash? Well we are bringing it back to those days when some fresh squeezed lemons made for the perfect day. Fresh squeezed lemons  happen to also be the perfect recipe for a fantastic party. Not only are there incredible lemon desserts, foods, and drinks, but there are some fabulous lemon designs to include in your very own lemon-themed party. This theme is perfect for a bridal shower, baby shower, tea party, or even a wedding! So when you are feeling nostalgic for your lemonade stand, throw a lemon party instead! Cause when life gives you lemons, throw a lemon party!Ruffled - photo by -$!900xThe recipe for this delicious, lemon flatbread is here.lemonade-standLemonMeringueBites5You have to end on something sweet like these tasty Two-Bite Lemon Meringue Pie tarts. Learn how to make these little guys herewingsofglory_img_3648$!900x2c6a78fccd3d75ab87961f582bf2550f

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So for your next summer gathering, go lemon-themed!



Color Inspiration: Summer Black

Summer is almost here! And instead of tackling the typical summer “white” trend, we decided to try something a little different and go with summer black. Black is a color you can wear all year round, but it is extra sexy with a bit of a tan and some sunlight. Here are some of the things that inspire us to go summer black.DG PE 13 DONNA/UOMO.inddahhhhhhh47374166c91bf05e580427d3be01dd34lips88d926f53388f6513420598fc92c68f2blackwhitekorakiapensione-weddingPT1-25korakiapensione-weddingPT1-1020115127_001_0summerblackblackac5caa9c734ae33837e96299489ae04d522111_f1b928d3-deb3-4b74-b879-be79707babdd_2048x2048{1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20}



What Does Your Lip Color Say About You?

Boho-Pins81Changing lip colors is not only fun, but it definitely sends a message about you. Today we will talk about what each lip color reveals about you and how you are feeling that day!

RED: Red is exotic, classic, bold.  The red lip will never go out of style and says you are a strong, beautiful woman.02d51a0090552012c8bdc49259684366redlip2

CORAL: Coral lip color suggests you are playful, fresh, and energetic. You definitely come across as approachable and fun-loving in your citrus and peach hues.49e7b16570735ebd172daf0de5b12ea8coralll

PINK: For those ladies with pink lips, you are flirty and romantic. Pink is just plain pretty.7d6bf497c5b856a077dff37d3dc9ed49pink

BURGUNDY: A burgundy girl is mysterious, edgy, and very chic. She has a little bit of an unpredictable side and may come across as intimidating. Don’t worry we still love the deep colored pout.ff219e10d835b7c6237281eeccd6ca3fburgundy4

NUDE: A nude lip says you are natural, sexy and confident. Rock that nude lip!ef7713e94f5fff43b67bcfb373e90889fournude

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Color Inspiration: Rose Gold

12ac62f81a3915388d5b3af2ff2d693cRose gold is here to stay. After it started seriously trending several years ago, we didn’t know if it would stick, but we are definitely glad it did! It instantly adds that daintiness and femininity to any look and works well as an accessory, gown, or as a wedding color. It is the perfect pretty, and we love it!221344f12f2e3ab3d2c0fd13ea3448cbrosegold1rosegoldhair Even hair color has been hit by rose gold! The variation of hues rivals the real deal. IMG_0443We even have some of our own rose gold. Here are several of our gorgeous rose gold sashes. Starting from the top is Aliza, Santana, Gretta, Kevin, and Angelica.rosegold2rosegold4il_570xN.580877486_4mf7rosegoldtest2

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