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Instagram @shopuntamedpetals Sample Sale


If you didn’t know this, hurry and grab your phone! We have an Instagram account just for selling our sample sale pieces. It is awesome! Our pieces here can go up to 80% off their original price or even more!IMG_4799All you have to do is follow our Instagram account @shopuntamedpetals and keep an eye out for when we post new stuff. Comment with your email address and we will immediately send an invoice through Paypal. If a picture is up, something in it is still available so feel free to look now. It’s like our own digital pop-up shop. The rules are simple:

1. Everything is sample sale and comes as-is.

2. Comment with your email address and which item you would like underneath the picture of what you want!

3. Once you receive your Paypal invoice we will hold the item for 24 hours. Make sure to make the payment within that 24 hours or we will put it back up on the market.

4. The domestic shipping is included. If you would like it to be shipped internationally, include a comment saying you would be willing to pay the additional shipping cost.

Don’t forget to follow our official Instagram @untamedpetals which showcases some of our favorite things! Happy shopping!



5 Ways to Place Indoor Plants


We love indoor plants and if you walked into our office that would affirm our passion because there are dozens of them everywhere. They add such a unique beauty into any space and go with every style and design. Plants truly are the best use of decor! I mean hello why do we use so many flowers and foliage in weddings? It’s because they are just so darn pretty. We have collected loads of ideas about how to incorporate plants into a space, and these are some of our absolute favorite ways. So enjoy these lovely pictures of placing plants in your indoor spaces.

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French Dessert Cooking Class Outing

Our Untamed Petals crew took a delightful outing to The Gourmandise School of Sweets and Savories last Tuesday. Of course we decided to take the Rustic French Desserts class which included a delightful array of pastries, creams, and chocolate!


The hardest part wasn’t the constant stirring, chopping, or even folding the delicate whipped cream, the hardest part was trying not to eat everything every time we started something new! Patience proved to be a virtue as we finally put all our work together in delicious Pâte à Choux filled with frozen Crème Anglaise and drizzled with Chocolate Ganache. Is your mouth watering yet?IMG_0692

We had so much fun together and even got to take a bunch of our sweets home to eat later, which we happily did.tarte The last project was the Tarte Tatin which tasted as amazing as it looks. We were quite proud of ourselves for making all these desserts from scratch.

Thanks so much Gourmandise! We loved it!



Untamed Petals Business Success Video


We were honored to be chosen as one of Staples Entrepreneurs To Watch and were thrilled to participate in the campaign. Having a small business has been a huge challenge but one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I am so thankful for the opportunity to share our story and help other entrepreneurs who are looking to achieve their dream jobs.

Video: Untamed Petals Small Business Interview

I also had a live Q&A on LinkedIn to answer several entrepreneurial questions with starting your own business. See the interview and everyones great questions here.







{Video/Images powered by STAPLES}

Elegant Inspiration For Our New Work Space


In light of the fact that we have moved spaces, (we LOVE our new space!), our office has been a gorgeous work in process, but we definitely had some help. Here’s a bit of our inspiration with the essentials every office needs.







Neutral Office/ Gold Lamp/ Gold Scissors/ Gold Stapler/ Gold Tape/ Flowers/ Paris Notepad/ Notebooks/ Patterned Rug/ Comfy Chair/ Magazine Wall/ Golden Desk/ Black & White Office/ Earthy Office/ Spring Office

DIY Heart Photo Display

We’re working on a DIY photo display in the office made from photos of real brides and behind the scenes photos. It’s so easy – just order your Instagrams from Printstagram and start creating.


Image From:



Happy Monday!

Happy Monday! We’re heading to NYC in just a couple of days for Bridal Fashion Week so we have LOTS AND LOTS of prep going on in the office.


Speaking of the office we had so many appointments this last week and weekend in our LA studio. There is nothing we love more than working with our brides one on one as they choose their wedding day accessories! How cute is our bride Sue below? She went with the Nanette Sash and Jennifer headpiece – LOVE it!


To make an accessories appointment please email us:  – we look forward to meeting you!


Have a great week! xoxo.


DIY Chandelier Makeover


Our uncle was getting rid of this great brass chandelier, so of course- we snatched it up! We love a good hand-me-down! However, it didn’t quite go with the style of our office so we decided to funk it up a bit.


First, we grabbed some fabric scraps and braided them into long colorful braids. And then draped them around the chandelier.


We then spray painted the faux candle fixtures lime green so they would really pop!


Instead of bulbs we stuck silk flower petals into the fixtures.





We now have an Anthropology worthy installation hanging in our office!


DIY Chevron Wall

We’re really diggin’ the chevron fad lately and as a follow up to the wall and sliding doors we built, we thought we’d also share photos of our DIY chevron paint.

A special thanks to Amanda’s husband, Nick, for all of his help on this project! It turned out great and was the perfect way to jazz up our entry way!