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Cold Pressed Juices


For the New Year one always resolves to eat healthy. And what a better way to eat healthy than with some lovely cold pressed juices? We have gathered together some of our fav cold pressed juice makers which are all found in our local area. Be inspired and enthused by these glorious libations.

The Pressed Juicery

This is something of the classic pressed juice. They have easy to follow types of juice from the greens to the fruits to the milks. Each one carries it’s own delicious flavors. Personally our favorite is the Coconut Cinnamon because it tastes like a healthy horchata. pressed-juicery


Clover Juice makes us happy because we can get it right next to our studio in Culver City. All the flavors are so good and refreshing.rose-400x600

Moon Juice

Moon Juice’s name is enough to get us excited. But the thing about these juices is there is a huge variety and so many flavors packed into each bottle of juice. There juice milks are pretty awesome too drawing from almond and coconut milks. It’s making our mouth water.

beauty_nectar5_83638All of these are from good old Los Angeles, which we are proud to be a part of. So get out there and kick some resolution butt with these delicious and healthy juices!





Holiday Party Inspiration


Happy holidays! This is the time for celebration, family, friends, giving, and having some of the best parties of the year. Throwing one of your own? Don’t stress. The party planning is half the fun. We have found loads of inspiration that we are dying to try. They all have one thing in common, an eclectic sense of the winter details. Each one carries an organic texture of the winter plants from evergreen trees to pomegranates. We love adding those leafy elements into any style, and it is sure to make your party feel warm and inviting. This time of year is to be spent with friends and family so why not make it special? cocktailwhiteloftstudio_xmas_0001$!x900You can even learn how to make this simple but elegant wreath herewhiteloftstudio_xmas_0063$!x900whiteloftstudio_xmas_0088$!x900545a5683254d4$!x90052a6885380f0a$!x900

All photos from Style Me Pretty {1 2 3 4 5 6 7}

Happy Holidays loves! May they be merry and bright!



Thanksgiving Table Inspiration


The season for thanking and feasting is upon us, and we couldn’t be more excited to celebrate. So in our anticipation for the big Turkey day, we have searched high and low for some inspiring and breathtaking table settings that might just be better than the food itself. The secret? Use the fruits, vegetables, and flowers of the season. We are thankful for our outdoor beauty, so why not bring it inside and add some of that living lushness! Thanksgiving dinner is an event to be remembered and we can practically taste the homemade pumpkin pie! Enjoy!SS_Cannelleetvanille_001table-top-styling-classes800d33d9558881f51fab63cdfa9bd2ffY75A4118_post_kpY75A4311_post_kp201dfeb14a78e2dde942de5e15d58267BWP_2333BWP_2379

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Happy Thanksgiving loves!



Chic Halloween Party Inspiration

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 presetHalloween is one of the best holidays as it draws on nostalgia from our childhood and the spookiness of All Hallow’s Eve–two things that are always enjoyable. This year, we have decided to go classy, chic, and sophisticated with our Halloween inspiration. We are taking this party theme from simple pumpkin patch to elegant Sleepy Hollow. So if you want to make your Halloween “party” into a Halloween “gala” check out this totally chic inspiration.halloween_031$!x9007Wicked-Feast-20handWhat drink is more appropriate for a Halloween gala then the Sleepy Hollow?d7ef5f7a37c885094a23dd401f8ef243Halloween time is also the season of the harvest, so why not celebrate a little bit of the foods of the season with a delicious cheese board.ad9f4e9164102e04fa5e783f813300dc10Wicked-Feast-15We think this Vanilla Bean Skull cake to the right looks to die for. Find the recipe here. Yum!skullcakeThis Roasted Garlic and Cauliflower soup looks delicious and perfect before a night full of sweets. Here is the recipe.a045e4c31a48c3e56fee5f1ed84351b239fef8c4ef858528361642550c18301a

So eat, drink and be scary, and have a very happy Halloween!

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Our Fav Fall Flavors


The autumnal equinox has begun, and now the stars shine through the night longer than the sun beams in the sky. Fall means sweater weather, cozy strolls through the wind-chilled park, and the smell of spices permeating through the air. The changing weather means a change in food, which for us, is a wonderful thing. We have picked some of our favorite flavors to share with you during the season.


The vegetable you used to cringe at when you were a kid is now one of our tastiest favs. Soups are perfect for fall, which is why we are recommending this phenomenal Butternut Squash, Apple, and Fennel Soup recipe. Squash can be put in ravioli, pasta, and even on pizza. Grill it, mash it, or bake it and it will be delicious. 7d77047b177f93e189a107a575c0c4b6


You can’t have fall without apples–they are practically synonymous. From apple tarts and pies to apple juice and ciders, we love apple season. Here is an Apple Cider recipe that you will become obsessed with. Apple_Cider_Plain


Last, but definitely not least, is the beloved pumpkin. This flavor is so famous during the fall you can find it almost everywhere. We are keeping it classic and offering a Pumpkin Cookie recipe with cream cheese frosting.  765cd70daab03c5fa690d503a6d87b3eNow that we are hungry and that you are probably shopping for ingredients, we would like to wish you a wonderful autumn weekend with these scrumptious flavors.



Wedding Trend: Naked Cakes


Who would of thought a cake could be sexy? Once you see these naked cakes, you will never doubt it. What exactly is a naked cake you ask? Well, it’s the type of cake that almost looks unfinished. And when it comes to frosting, it stays true to the idea that less is more. Sometimes, instead of frosting, the cake will be dusted with powdered sugar–making it look like new fallen snow. This delicious trend truly takes the cake, and we definitely want some. 30b033980658cbaf04b2766bd2e41474citruscakesamymyles-wedding-35hipster-wedding-37chocolatecake53fe6215969bd$!x900etherealriver-styled-22nakedcakesbohogypset-styled-36cf1a64fd4400e9a8dff4bfe12053f3f8

If this didn’t make you hungry for a delicious slice, you might want to scroll back through it again. Have a super sweet Labor Day!

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Floral Cocktails


What is a floral cocktail? Only the most romantic and whimsical drink we can’t stop gushing over! A floral cocktail is any drink that includes a floral water or syrup and always has the perfect garnish–edible flowers. They are pretty, tasty, and have been bubbling up all over the blogosphere. A great thing is, is that they aren’t that hard to make. Each includes only several simple ingredients. So get ready to party, because we have 7 fabulous floral cocktail recipes here for you!

This first luscious-looking floral cocktail is made with Bachelor’s Button. It looks almost too beautiful to drink!tumblr_inline_nkr1z9QcKf1rhg4g8Ingredients

2 ounces gin
1 ½ ounces Lillet Blanc
¼ ounce bachelor’s button simple syrup
1 ounce lemon juice
1 egg white
Bachelor’s button and carnation petals, for garnish

Combine in a cocktail shaker and shake for 30 seconds or until frothy and serve.

For the full post, including how to make Bachelor’s Button syrup, go here.

Next, is the Rose Water Cointreau Fizz. Just the name sounds delicious. 17046654509_3c12afd9b5_bWe can’t stop staring at the prettiness!fizz

Of course we are inspired by these floral cocktails, there are 3 of them! First is the Rose Water Lemonade (with vodka), then Chamomile Whisky, and last a Greyhound with Diantusfloral_drink_selex_58

We are super excited for this next cocktail because it has one of our favorite flavors: lavender. It’s a Lavender Grapefruit Summer Cocktail.static1.squarespace

Last, but not least is the Pink Lemonade with Coconut Vodka. The truth is, the “floralness” of this cocktail is only the floral garnish–proving that you can make any cocktail a floral cocktail if you garnish it with your favorite edible flowers!Whitney-Port-First-Day-of-Spring-Floral-Cocktail-0

The floral cocktail is perfect for bridal showers, baby showers, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and of course weddings! Enjoy these delicious drinks and party on!cheersb



Foods that Your Skin Loves!


We all know the saying you are what you eat, but we usual think about our size rather than our texture. Food has a huge impact on the largest organ of the body–the skin! As a society, we are more than ever on a health kick, but it isn’t just to look good in our bikinis. Eating good food makes you feel good, and further research suggest it makes your skin look good too. So here are some delicious foods, (all vegan) that will make your skin look and feel good. Feed your skin!

Chocolate contains some very strong antioxidants which protect skin. Also, caffeine applied to the skin can be used for anti-inflammatory and anti-aging.chopped-bittersweet-chocolate

Walnuts increase collagen production and skin’s elasticity. They also provide your skin with moisturizing fatty acids.walnuts

Oatmeal has great vitamins and promotes healthy digestion which increases positive blood flow. Plus you can use it in a face mask! tumblr_mdk8zvmQuL1qhhsseo1_1280

Bell peppers have been connected to having fewer wrinkles around the eyes, and they provide more keratin to help with sun sensitivity. They also have the amazing vitamins that are associated with the bright colored fruits and veggies.bel-peppers1

Pumpkin is loaded with vitamins and even enzymes to help clean the skin. There are also rich antioxidants to fight off free radicals which age the skin!seeds-pulp

Pomegranates are major antioxidants, which help protect skin from damaging toxins. You can also use products with pomegranates in them and apply to the skin for moisture!pomm

Olive oil has some of the best fats for your body. This definitely gives extra moisture to your skin which is why people with diets higher in olive oil have less aging than those who don’t. Plus you can rub it on your skin just as much as you eat it.imgSendBinarySources: {1 2 3}

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4th of July Pool Party Inspiration


It’s that time of year again, where summer has finally kicked in and our nation gets to celebrate it’s birth! This fourth, we recommend splashing the holiday with an awesome pool party with all the trimmings: hot dogs, potato salad, watermelon, and of course sparklers! We can’t wait to soak up the sun, cool off in the water, and watch the fire works. Here are some of our favorite ideas for throwing an excellent patriotic pool party:balloonskosher-hebrew-national-hot-dogsamerican-hot-dogs4thfourac5e47ecaa98a1d974d9e9ff7e0ac22bHow cute is this one-piece?!july-4th-party-food1-DSC_00732 On how to make these delicious patriotic, berry popsicles, click heremorefours65483e3241bc63239f4a039cc1d3416aThis flag cake looks so tasty!hi9c6572752aa608cd44328cfb7e9a54f8{1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23}

Have a fantastic Fourth of July!



Lemon Party Inspiration


Remember when you made a lemonade stand as a kid to make some quick summer cash? Well we are bringing it back to those days when some fresh squeezed lemons made for the perfect day. Fresh squeezed lemons  happen to also be the perfect recipe for a fantastic party. Not only are there incredible lemon desserts, foods, and drinks, but there are some fabulous lemon designs to include in your very own lemon-themed party. This theme is perfect for a bridal shower, baby shower, tea party, or even a wedding! So when you are feeling nostalgic for your lemonade stand, throw a lemon party instead! Cause when life gives you lemons, throw a lemon party!Ruffled - photo by -$!900xThe recipe for this delicious, lemon flatbread is here.lemonade-standLemonMeringueBites5You have to end on something sweet like these tasty Two-Bite Lemon Meringue Pie tarts. Learn how to make these little guys herewingsofglory_img_3648$!900x2c6a78fccd3d75ab87961f582bf2550f

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So for your next summer gathering, go lemon-themed!