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DIY Baby Shower Mobile

We’re back with another cute DIY project that is sure to be the hit of any baby shower!

A couple weeks ago I helped throw my best friend Lauren’s (LoBoheme) baby shower up in San Luis Obispo where we are from. I was trying to think of a fun craft for all of us to do for Baby Penny and after many hours on Pinterest I came up with the idea of a Mobile.



2 Branches – Found outside

Paint – I used 3 different colors – Michael’s

Paint brushes – Michael’s

Wooden hearts – Michael’s

Burlap String – Michael’s


Paint Pens – Michael’s


1. Gather some branches – I found 2 great ones while on a walk – both in sort of a V shape one large and one small.

2. Paint the branches to add a little color

3. Suspend the first branch from something sturdy so you can hang it level. I used burlap string and suspended the largest branch on top from 3 places. Then, I suspended the smaller branch from the larger one with 3 more strands of burlap. Remember – when it comes to mobiles the key is weight distribution so that it hangs correctly so make sure to get this looking really good before hanging any of the hearts.

4. The wooden hearts I got at Michael’s didn’t have holes in them so my friend Emily’s husband just drilled a hole in the top for us. It worked really well! And, if it is a boy, there are lots of options at the craft store so you can get creative with what you decide to hang.


5. SHOWER DAY – At the shower – put out your hearts, paint and paint brushes and ask everyone to paint a heart for the baby and sign their name with a paint pen. Try to encourage people throughout the shower to make sure everyone gets to it.  Later, you can add the hearts to the mobile with the burlap string (make sure you place them in a way that evens out the weight). And VOILA! A darling little mobile filled with love and memories for baby and mom. 🙂


We had such a great time and can’t wait for Baby Penny to arrive any day now!


Besties for as long as we can remember – I am so lucky to have these amazing women in my life.